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Puppy Info

Our puppies are born in the house, so that an optimal imprinting can take place, cuddling sounds, playing, etc. which is certainly very pleasant for the mother dog, she also accepts the interaction of people and puppies. Naturally puppies and their mother are given rest for the first 3 weeks after birth that is necessary for them to grow. Afterwards prospective puppy buyers are welcome to come and admire them. At the first visit we can meet and if it "clicks" from both sides, a puppy can be reserved. People who are already on the reservation list can send us a message that they are currently interested in the puppy. The puppy buyers are provided with all information, with the necessary health statements from the parents. The doctor's statements and exams from Patella and annual eye exams are shown and explained.
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If the puppy is picked up with 8 weeks, abroad 15 weeks, each new owner will receive a folder with the health statement of the puppy and both parents (patella examination by orthopedist, and eye examination by eye specialist in Hasselt), also pedigree of both parents, D.N.A. profile etc. You will also receive an agreement, and the puppy will bring a package with plenty of food for the coming period, blanket with scent, toy tuft etc.


Our dogs live in and around our house, they can go outside and stay in the spacious playgrounds. Our jackets don't live in kennels.

Pups are available for those who have what a Jack Russell needs most: TIME and ATTENTION

Keep an eye on our BLOG PAGE for information about litters and other things.

Puppies born from the following combinations: Kaszavölgyi - Fürge Koni (Hummer) x Qwebbel Bebbel Floor The Dutch Jacks and
Rajelle "Jill"  x Touchstar Win or Learn "Rocco-Granata"

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